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Life After Love...

What does that mean? We all show up in life with past experiences. Experiences of joy, love, sacrifice and sometimes pain. Life is inclusive of love in different forms to different people. The most common and what is looked at as the biggest profession of love is the union of marriage. So much preparation goes into it: The ring, the proposal, the engagement, premarital counseling, etc.

But what happens after this love? What happens after 'I do'? How do you navigate through married life with no manual? How do you not lose yourself in your marriage and still have a healthy union? How do you recover the fragmented pieces and sustain the life you want after love?


As a therapist, I will work beside you to explore the beauty you posses within. The road ahead may seem confusing, lonely and dim but the work we will do together has the opportunity to produce the light beyond the end of the tunnel. Sometimes our brokenness can lead us towards the best breakthrough of our lives. Discovering life within your new normal can be an exciting adventure. Connect with me as we discover true beauty in life after love.


  • Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator

  • Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy

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