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So Your Stress Thinks You're Somebody To Play With?

Life's twists and turns can leave us breathless, and I am sure you have weathered your share – from toxic work environments to navigating the complexities of motherhood and marriage. Stress tries to hold the reins, but you have the power to discover an inner strength that can change the game.

Rewrite your story. Whether you're navigating the joys and challenges of new motherhood, embracing the freedom of an empty nest, or seeking personal rediscovery, this program serves as a haven for women who are ready to receive it.

In The Thick of It (Stress'd Edition)
6-Week Processing Program

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Stress...​

This program was created for women who are ready to combat stress by using self-discovery and resilience to undergo stress responding transformation. "In The Thick Of It (Stress'd Edition)" is not just a program; it's an intentional space for a small group of  women over the age of 25 to explore and redefine their relationship with stress. Led by a licensed therapist, this processing program is designed to guide you through a six-week immersive experience where you'll create your own unique toolbox to tackle stress head-on and emerge stronger, wiser, and in control.

Not every woman is ready to change her approach to stress. For some, stress becomes a familiar chaos that offers a distorted sense of meaning. If you've found connection in the chaos, surviving within its grasp, don't worry. It's life and it happens. But here's the truth—this doesn't HAVE to be YOUR life. Stress does not have to be a normal default that controls your thoughts, mood and mental capacity.

Why This Program?

Do you ever feel like life's a juggling act, and stress is one too many balls in the air? Been there. This isn't your typical stress-management program – it's a journey, not just a destination.

No Therapist's Couch Included: Sure, this program is led by a licensed therapist, but here, we're moving beyond the couch and holding space for each other as a supportive community of women. This is your space to process stress, dive into your thoughts (the messy and enlightening ones), and craft a game plan for a more balanced life. We aren't waving magic wands here but we are exploring practical tools to navigate life's twists and turns.

Not Therapy, But Let's Slow Down These Thoughts: Let's make this crystal clear – "In The Thick Of It (Stress'd Edition)" is neither formal therapy nor does it replace psychotherapy. It is a processing program, a space where you join a small group of supportive minds to share experiences, learn new insights and perspectives, and slow down your thoughts to help reshape your approach to stress. One of the biggest rewards this program offers is space to clear your mind of all the excessive noise your stress creates. It also offers you support in a non-judgmental way.

Your Stress Crew: Think of us as your stress support team—no judgment, just real talk and actionable strategies. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert, this program is inclusive to meet the needs with respect to how its participants can navigate small groups. We will have moments of sharing, listening, processing and learning. It's not about erasing stress but reshaping how you navigate it and all four components above are necessary for a new approach.

Join "In The Thick Of It (Stress'd Edition)"—where we get real about our stress as well as our approach to stress. Let's turn your stress story into a tale of resilience, growth, and a touch of relief.

The Ideal Participant IS:

  • Open-Minded Explorers: You're open to exploring new perspectives on stress, ready to challenge old habits, and committed to personal growth.

  • Women Who Are Ready to Discover Relief: You're tired of being controlled by stress and crave the freedom to live life despite the stress you experience.

  • Multidimensional Approach Seekers: You understand that stress is complex, and you're open to adopting a multifaceted approach to address it.

  • Collaborative Women That Work Well In Small Groups: You thrive in small group environments of mutual respect, value diverse experiences, and are willing to collaborate for collective growth.

  • Consistency Champions: You're committed to showing up consistently, ready to actively participate in all program meetings, and eager to put in the work.

  • Thoughtful Self-Explorers: You are a woman that is ready to slow down her thoughts to find meaning and clarity within. You also exude patience for your journey and understand that it is a process to work towards stress relief and that it does not happen overnight.

The Ideal Participant IS NOT:

  • Women In An Active Emergency and In Crisis: You're in immediate crisis and need emergency assistance. This program will not provide the urgent support you require. Please seek appropriate emergency resources.

  • One-Dimensional Minds: You approach stress with a rigid, one-dimensional mindset and aren't open to exploring new perspectives.

  • Negative Energy Radiators: You bring negativity to group dynamics and are unwilling to contribute positively or follow the program's guidelines.

  • Inconsistent Participants: You're not committed to consistent attendance, active engagement, and contributing positively to the group's growth.

  • Exploration Skeptics and Non-Believers of Change: You don't see the value in making an investment to explore and understand stress from a new perspective.

Week-by-Week Exploration: Each week focuses on a specific aspect, providing a structured journey for you to identify, acknowledge, and overcome stressors. From understanding stress patterns to establishing powerful boundaries, you'll be equipped with practical tools.

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I'm Curnesia, and I've walked a similar path you might find yourself on—a path tangled with the demands of life. For me, it was a toxic work environment, the blissful chaos of planning a wedding, the challenges of pregnancy, a demanding educational path (earning a master's degree after being out of school for ten years was CRAZY), and the perpetual juggle of life's transitions. Stress had me in its grip, but through understanding my stress patterns, slowing my racing world down and receiving the support I needed, I reclaimed control.

Although I have regained control of stress, that doesn't mean I am perfect and live a stress-free life! I am human and yes! I still experience stress too. The difference is what I want to offer you. Although I still experience stress, I recognize the patterns and power of my stress in the thick of experiencing it. I may find myself in stressful situations, but I know how to find my way back to myself to release the pressure, power and influence that stress can demand. I am able to separate stressful thoughts and stressful moments from the reality of my situation. I want to assist you in doing the same.

I'm here to be a processing guide. I am here to hold you accountable with creating intentional space for your thoughts, emotions and experiences that float within you during stressful moments. Whether you're a new mom navigating the intricacies of motherhood, an impending empty nester reflecting on years devoted to raising kids, a newlywed navigating the ebbs and flows of marriage, or just a woman trying to figure her "s*%#" out, your journey is uniquely yours. Perhaps, like many others worldwide, you're navigating the currents of time, inflation, and new world normals.

There comes a point when you realize the importance of carving out space and time for yourself. If you're seeking an opportunity to explore your desires and needs, surrounded by a small group of like-minded women who understand the value of self-discovery, you're not alone.

This is more than a program; it's an intimate space for women like you, ready to break free from stress and rediscover themselves. Imagine a life beyond the weight of stress, where happiness, growth, and love aren't sacrificed. This isn't about making stress magically disappear; it's about exploring ways to see beyond it and find your way back to your own reality.

If you're ready to embrace change, seek liberation, and desire growth, I invite you to join 'In The Thick Of It (Stress'd Edition).' Our six-week processing program isn't for everyone. I'm seeking a small group of dedicated women committed to going next level with their approach to stress. If that's you, click the link below to apply to this empowering program and schedule a discovery call for us to connect.

Let's grow, discover, and thrive together.

With love and empowerment,

-Curnesia B.

Your Future Program Facilitator

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