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1. How is therapy different from talking to people I trust such as my pastor, spiritual leader,  family and/or friends?

Licensed therapists require a very rigorous process to ensure proper training is in place to explore your thoughts and emotions alongside you as a trusted sense of support. Therapists also provide a non-bias, non-judgmental presence to your experience that those closest to you may lack. You have the freedom to be an authentic version of yourself, unapologetically without the need to "water down" your truth.

2. What should I expect during the consultation?

The consultation provides us with the opportunity to determine if we seem to be a good fit for each other as therapist/client. It is also a brief moment for us to explore questions about the process of therapy and how that process looks with me as your therapist.

3.How many sessions will it take for me to complete therapy?

There is no general timeframe of how long the process of therapy takes. Similar to a wound, healing happens under its own timing. Everyone's journey towards healing looks different. The focus on growing and utilizing additional tools that best serve the life you desire is always the primary focus.


Here are a few frequently asked questions to assist with learning a little more about the process of therapy:

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