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"You want to fly? You have to give up the thing that weighs you down."


Life has a way of showing us that time and how time is spent is one of the most valuable gifts life grants us. How, why and with whom you spend your time and attention matters.


Making the decision to no longer spend another day on things, people and/or places that do not add value to you, your time and your attention is the gateway to true healing. 

In order to recognize the need for true liberation, the essence of boundaries is essential. Everyone does not deserve access to you through time and attention. Life does not revolve solely on the benefit of others at your expense.


We all have an obligation to ourselves, for ourselves. The moment we are able to recognize the importance of boundaries and how well our boundaries show up for us once we allow them to do so is the moment we start living the life we deserve.  


Allow me to take the journey with you towards a life full of meaningful boundaries and quality living.

Meet Curnesia

Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist

I am a Georgia Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Atlanta, Georgia. I provide individual, couple, and group therapy.


I have a passion for assisting those that are stuck in transition. 

I believe in the work of therapy. I believe there is strength in recognizing an area of your life that may require some assistance. I often describe therapy as a GPS, with you serving as the driver. You input where you want to go.


Therapy provides alternative routes to reach your destination. Your happiness, as well as your future, is worth the journey… Are you ready to take this ride toward a better version of you?


Well... Let’s connect!

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Work Environment



Experiences as a new mother/father; exploring life post-graduation; recent divorcee; empty nesting life stage, new job position.


Exploring who you are and what that means at this stage in life; post traumatic discovery of self and recognition of strengths. 


After making meaning of self, set limits for yourself and others through the actions you take and the space you hold for things that matter. Learn your capacity for multiple experiences. 


Exploration of tools and techniques to assist with managing external stressors and agitators.


Exploration of tools and techniques to assist with managing external anxiety producing situations.



"I'm not the instagram model or the girl that makes a ton of Tik Tok videos. Society can have a way of making you feel as though there's something wrong with you if you aren't that girl. Curnesia helps me to embrace all of me. She makes me feel comfortable with her and normalizes my feelings. I can be my true, authentic self with her, unapologetically. And I love that!"


Data Analyst

"I had a great experience with Curnesia. She was very patient and understanding. She listens to your thoughts and emotions. She doesn't just hear you, she listens. I was having a hard time going through a divorce and she really helped me work through everything I was feeling. I highly recommend her, she's great!!"



"Curnesia helps me to slow my thoughts down. She gives me the encouragement I need to trust myself, validate my feelings and have tough conversations. She really means it when she says she serves as a passenger during your journey towards healing."
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AAMFT Clinical Fellow
Proud to be listed in Therapy for Black Girls...


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